2015  Theoretical Thesis
           Der Digitale Sisyphos
           Supervision Prof. Dr. Dieter Daniels

2015-2010  Hochschule für Graphik und Buchkunst, Leipzig
           Diploma Graphic Design  
           Prof.Thomas Müller

2010-2009  Illustration 
           Camberwell College of Arts, London 

2009-2007  Illustration & Graphic Design
           Hochschule für Graphik und Buchkunst, Leipzig


2019 Group Show - "Grateful Park" /Pilotenküche, Leipzig
2019 Group Show - "Hungry Dungeon Friends" /KKW, Leipzig
2019 Group Show - "DRAWINGS OF TODAY""/Gallery At The Window, Paris
2017 Group Show - "Grund" /KTR Gallery, Leipzig
2017  Solo Show - "Pause" /Vary, Leipzig
2017 Group Show - "A Space Odyssey: 5 Jahre Raum.Weisz"" /Raum Weisz, Leipzig
2014 Group Show - "Imaginäres Museum" /Egyptian Museum, Leipzig
2013 Group Show - "Prints /made in Leipzig" /University of Fine Arts, Budapest
2013 Group Show - "Freudenhaus 24h" /PopUniversell e.V., Leipzig
2013 Group Show - "I want to believe" /Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig
2012 Group Show - "Mat(t)hias" /Raum Weisz, Leipzig

2012 Student Preis, HGB Leipzig 
Son of a pastor, Matthias Geisler grew up in a strict religious family. While his Christian upbringing and his life in a village undoubtedly influenced his work, the 2000s had an equally extended impact on his creative language with science fiction and 90s computer games. His contemplative nature allowed him a quiet understanding of his environment which transfered into his visual world as a dialogue between the metaphysical and the trivial. His motives quote characters and pictorial symbols from Pop culture, religion and the internet, creating a snapshot of life in the early days of the 21s century.